Hiya all,

it´s Saturday afternoon and I´ve been fiddling with some pics from a
couple of nice places I´ve been visiting the last week. The first one is
from a place called Sundholmen, an old castleruin just outside town. A
really nice place on a small iceland that burned down some hundred
years ago, that today is hosting three different spieces of bats. Something I
didn´t got to see this time but hopefully another day if returning on
the evening when they are about to get out to feed.

The other pic is from a place not so far away from the castle, maybe some 10 km or so. An old cabin in a really nice surrounding with wild orchids growing just outside.
Not quiet as big but at least as nice in my humble opinion far from cyberspace and the constant need to have a cellphone within an arms reach. God forbid you would miss latest useless gossip with a few hours.

Quiet some contrasts between the two but both places that I will return to when the opportunity pops up.

Anyway until the next time…take care and plenty of pics..