Hiya all,

it´s Friday morning and my last day off from work. Three weeks disappears in a blink of an eye. I´ve used these three weeks to take another couple of tons of pics of course. The weather has been a bit grey to say the least, it´s just this last week that the sun has fought it´s way through which is really nice. But as nice as it is with sunshine I wont complain about the weather the last few weeks as it has been better for me photowise with a bit of grey. Not quiet as hot which isn´t too bad considering all the stuff one are carrying around in the field. And clear blue skies just aren´t very interesting to watch on pics in my humble opinion.

Anyway I´ve added a new directory to the gallery, a place for new pics to rest before they find their permanent home in another one. I´ve just added 5 new pics to it and more are on it´s way the coming days…hopefully.

So until the next time…take care…and plenty of pics….