Evening all,

it´s been too long as usuall since my last post so I´m not going to make any excuses. I went down to the studio yesterday for the first time in months to play around a bit. And it´s odd how fast one forgets how important the “play around” bit is when experimenting trying to come up with something new. I had a great couple of hours together with mr T sitting back to back each fiddling in our own realitybubble hardly noticing each others presence. But it´s nice just to have someone sharing the experience with.

I can´t say I produced much but reminding myself of the importance of taking some time alone letting the everyday stress just disappear. We all need our pause from running the rats race so I promised myself to go visit the studio as often as I can during the “dark period” of nature photography. That in the combination of spending time by the computer to work my way through all my pics on the hdd, well at least a couple of them to produce the exihibition I´ve been thinking about for months but never seem to get around to. But aaaaaall in time….

Anyway I´ve added a new pic to the Universe by Roachie project so take a look and let me know what you think about it. The pic is called The Green Giant Galaxy for reasons that will come obvious when you see it.