Hiya all,

it´s Sunday evening and I´ve just finished adding two new pics to the gallery and the “Universe By Roachie” project. It´s been a quiet nice weekend in the studio together with Mr T experimenting with some colours, snow, oil, light, water and whatnot.

It´s a nice feeling when the urge to play around comes for a visit. And even nicer when it actually results in some creative experiment such as finding new ways to use something that has just been laying around collecting dust. Or just a simple mistake that has opened ones eye to new ways to use a tool.

This weekend has resulted in 5 maybe 6 new pics that got potential to end up in the gallery. Two of them already added and another couple of them that needs some fiddling before making it there.

Anyway I hope that you´ve all had a really nice weekend making the most out of living in the moment as have I. And til the next time take care….and tons of cool pics…