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Ricard Sunding


Photographer Posted on Wed, January 01, 2014 01:09:34

In love and honesty I claim this year as the year I will realise myself and my life…
A year of love, honesty and health…
A year of creativity, development and success…
A year of balance and humility…

Mother Earth…
Please Come To Me…
Clear My Mind…
Please Set Me Free…

Welcome 2014…

Regards Roachie

Updated Gallery

Photographer Posted on Sun, January 27, 2013 19:21:51

Hiya all,

it´s been a while as usual since my last post here. That doesn´t mean I haven´t been active though eventhough I´ve spent more time in my “picturearchive” then outdoors I´m afraid but hopefully that will change as soon as nature wakes up again.

Anyhow I´ve been updating the gallery with about ten “new” pics. New for the gallery but not necessarily newly taken as some are as old as 18 months old.
The new pics were added to the “Insects and other tiny friends” directory but will probably end up in the Lilliputland project as soon as I´ve decided what pics from there will have to go to make some room.

Anyway I hope you´re all doing ok out there taking tons of pics and fiddling in your studios being creative. Until the next time take care….




Photographer Posted on Sun, December 09, 2012 22:09:36

Hiya all,

it´s Sunday evening and I´ve just finished adding two new pics to the gallery and the “Universe By Roachie” project. It´s been a quiet nice weekend in the studio together with Mr T experimenting with some colours, snow, oil, light, water and whatnot.

It´s a nice feeling when the urge to play around comes for a visit. And even nicer when it actually results in some creative experiment such as finding new ways to use something that has just been laying around collecting dust. Or just a simple mistake that has opened ones eye to new ways to use a tool.

This weekend has resulted in 5 maybe 6 new pics that got potential to end up in the gallery. Two of them already added and another couple of them that needs some fiddling before making it there.

Anyway I hope that you´ve all had a really nice weekend making the most out of living in the moment as have I. And til the next time take care….and tons of cool pics…




Photographer Posted on Sun, December 02, 2012 17:28:59

Evening all,

it´s been too long as usuall since my last post so I´m not going to make any excuses. I went down to the studio yesterday for the first time in months to play around a bit. And it´s odd how fast one forgets how important the “play around” bit is when experimenting trying to come up with something new. I had a great couple of hours together with mr T sitting back to back each fiddling in our own realitybubble hardly noticing each others presence. But it´s nice just to have someone sharing the experience with.

I can´t say I produced much but reminding myself of the importance of taking some time alone letting the everyday stress just disappear. We all need our pause from running the rats race so I promised myself to go visit the studio as often as I can during the “dark period” of nature photography. That in the combination of spending time by the computer to work my way through all my pics on the hdd, well at least a couple of them to produce the exihibition I´ve been thinking about for months but never seem to get around to. But aaaaaall in time….

Anyway I´ve added a new pic to the Universe by Roachie project so take a look and let me know what you think about it. The pic is called The Green Giant Galaxy for reasons that will come obvious when you see it.



Tyrannosaurus Rex

Photographer Posted on Mon, August 06, 2012 19:40:55

Hiya all,

sitting in front of the puter flipping through old pics to see if could find something nice to work with. It´s odd how the eye sometime can be blind to the obvious as in this case, a pic I´ve flipped by a number of times without noticing anything in particular. And then all of a sudden a Tyrannosaurus Rex are starring me in the face.

Ohh well in my reality bubble anyway…

…and if you are as weird as I am you might even spot someone in it´s mouth.

Yeah yeah I know you´re not as weird as me but anyhow… until the next time take care …and weird pics….



Two days in a row…

Photographer Posted on Sat, July 28, 2012 18:00:39

Hi all,

two days in a row, can´t remember when that happened the last time. Todays weather has offered a short phototrip with Mr T earlier this morning where spiders, ants and whatnot stood on the menu. And after a quick lunch and a siesta I´ve now managed to spend a few moments fiddling with another bunch of pics.

A bunch of five that now has been added to the New directory awaiting a permanent address. This one I chose to call Mohawk for pretty obvious reasons are of a butterfly larvae. A butterfly I can´t recall ever seen before, called “aprikostofsspinnare” in Swedish or “Orgya antiqua” in latin.

Anyway, until the next time..take care…and plenty of pics….




Photographer Posted on Fri, July 27, 2012 11:41:30

Hiya all,

it´s Friday morning and my last day off from work. Three weeks disappears in a blink of an eye. I´ve used these three weeks to take another couple of tons of pics of course. The weather has been a bit grey to say the least, it´s just this last week that the sun has fought it´s way through which is really nice. But as nice as it is with sunshine I wont complain about the weather the last few weeks as it has been better for me photowise with a bit of grey. Not quiet as hot which isn´t too bad considering all the stuff one are carrying around in the field. And clear blue skies just aren´t very interesting to watch on pics in my humble opinion.

Anyway I´ve added a new directory to the gallery, a place for new pics to rest before they find their permanent home in another one. I´ve just added 5 new pics to it and more are on it´s way the coming days…hopefully.

So until the next time…take care…and plenty of pics….




Photographer Posted on Sat, July 14, 2012 19:43:40

Hiya all,

it´s Saturday afternoon and I´ve been fiddling with some pics from a
couple of nice places I´ve been visiting the last week. The first one is
from a place called Sundholmen, an old castleruin just outside town. A
really nice place on a small iceland that burned down some hundred
years ago, that today is hosting three different spieces of bats. Something I
didn´t got to see this time but hopefully another day if returning on
the evening when they are about to get out to feed.

The other pic is from a place not so far away from the castle, maybe some 10 km or so. An old cabin in a really nice surrounding with wild orchids growing just outside.
Not quiet as big but at least as nice in my humble opinion far from cyberspace and the constant need to have a cellphone within an arms reach. God forbid you would miss latest useless gossip with a few hours.

Quiet some contrasts between the two but both places that I will return to when the opportunity pops up.

Anyway until the next time…take care and plenty of pics..


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