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Ricard Sunding

Shame on me…

Photographer Posted on Sun, June 17, 2012 10:58:21

Hiya all,

6 months since my last post in here, a new low for sure. Hopefully it´s turning for the better as it´s one week from midsummer which is the starting point for my five weeks away from work. Things has been crazy on every level of life lately as I´ve been busy as a bee. It´s not lack of pics that has kept me from updating the site and blog but the lack of time combined with not quiet getting my head around whether I should rebuild the site from the ground. As it looks at the moment I´ll probably stick with the old one but updating with heaps of new pics.

I hope you are all doing ok out the and until the next time….. take care…and plenty of pics…


Happy Hollidays…

Photographer Posted on Thu, December 29, 2011 16:30:59

Merry X-mas and a Hippie New Year to you all. I hope that you have had a nice holliday and got another one even better coming for you. I have as always been busy like a bee and have in the middle of it all managed to hurt my knee. A really bad excuse I know but I couldn´t come up with a better one so I´m sticking to it…

I have added 2 new pics to the Universe project and taken another 2 out of there as they never really came to their right. I´ve also bought some new gear to take yet another step into the microworld to do some exploring in the nearby future.

Anyway, I hope you are all doing ok out there taking care of yourself and your dear ones so until the next time…take alot of pics…




Photographer Posted on Tue, November 22, 2011 18:38:18

Evening all,

it´s Tuesday and I´ve just added a new pic to the “Universe By Roachie” project. A picture I´ve decided to call “Creation”, inspired by the fantastic creation process and “the chaos” that comes along with it. I personally can disappear into the gallery of for hours just getting amazed of all those great pics presented there.

On the same time I can get even more amazed when I discover the same patterns or “scars of creation” in small things like the seeds of flowers or as in the case with the new pic just added, a small stone or crystal bought at the local new age store.

What may at first glance appear as utter chaos may actually turn out to be the very birth process from which “sacred order” will blossom.

Who knows what the chaos of today will bring tomorrow…




Photographer Posted on Sun, November 20, 2011 08:58:56

Morning all,

it´s Sunday morning and I´ve just added two new pics to the Universe By Roachie directory. The pics were taken in the studio last week and there are more to come.
My Universe are expanding at an “alarming rate” and I see that I´ll have to take some pics out to make room for others. Which pics that will disappear haven´t been decided yet so if you got any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment or three.

Anyhow, I´ll be returning to the studio in bit to do some more fiddling so keep your eyes open for more new pics shortly….

Until the next time…take care…and plenty of pics…



Rare Phenomenon…

Photographer Posted on Sat, November 05, 2011 10:34:47

Morning all,

it´s Saturday morning and I´ve just noticed some odd phenomenon in the sky. It´s somewhat scary but yet very beautiful. I´m not quiet sure but it feels as if I´ve seen it before but I can´t quiet seem to put my finger on it. I´ve spoken to the native elders about it and searched the web for hours. Apparently they call it the sun and sunshine… I don´t believe their stories, it just seem too unlightly.

Anyway I just thought I´ld let you know that my universe has grown yet a bit more as I´ve added a new pic. A pic I´ve choosen to call “Deep Space Ying & Yang”. Hopefully you like it…so until the next time ..take care …and pics…



Growing Universe

Photographer Posted on Fri, November 04, 2011 06:07:06

Morning all,

it´s Friday morning and I thought I´ld give you a quick update before I head off to work. Universe by Roachie are growing as I just last night added three new pics. Three pics taken in the studio and the first work made there to be added to the gallery. Things are slowly coming together and finding their place after a couple of weeks even though it´s kind of a lifelong process I guess. There are always new stuff, gear and whatnot that pass through the studio in one form or another.

Anyway I hope you are all doing ok out there and until the next time take care…and pics…


Tick tock…

Photographer Posted on Sun, October 23, 2011 20:50:13

Evening all,

it´s Sunday evening and I´m listening to Roy Rogers and Norton Buffalo relaxing after some busy couple of weeks. First things at work has been a bit hectic and that together with that the registration process of my own company has taken some surreal amount of time, on the border to comical. Five weeks to get someone to read the application form are a bit hard to motivate if you ask me, but welcome to the promised land of bureaucracy.

Anyhow RS Photo & Art are now official but somewhat still sneaking around in the shadows as I still got tons to fix at work before I can put in some hours of marketing and whatnot. But I´m currently carrying stuff to and fro the studio like an ant on speed…although the speed are surreal amounts of caffeine in my case. Still got some stuff to fix before I actually bring the camera along to do some shooting but aaaaall in time.

I hope that you´re all doing ok out there shooting tons of great pics…so until the next time…take care.


RS Photo & Art

Photographer Posted on Sun, September 25, 2011 13:22:35

Good Morning All,

well it´s actually lunchtime at this end but at least it´s morning somewhere on the planet. It´s been quiet a while since my last post in here so I thought it´s time for an update.

I did on my 40th birthday apply to the tax authority to start my own business. A thought I´ve had a couple of years but just haven´t got to until now. I´m confident it will pass their analysis sometime next week or so if nothing goes wrong. So fingers crossed… it would be quiet a present from myself to ..well myself of course.

The name of choice is RS Photo & Art which pretty much says it all. And as if that wasn´t all I´ve just last Friday signed a contract to rent a place to use as my studio. Nothing fancy really but just big enough to fill it´s purpose and a big bonus is that it´s just 5 minutes walk from home. Pretty much as good as it gets…

I´ve also ordered and received a Stack Shot focus rail to use with macro and micro type of photography to maximise the data quality and control.

Anyway Mr T and I went out for a short walk yesterday with our gear with nothing specific in mind. But I ended up taking some 20 or so pics and here´s one of them called “Home Sweet Home”.

Nothing special but sometimes the simple and obvious stuff are the best.
Hopefully I may add another pic later today or the coming days.

Anyway I hope you are all doing ok out there and until the next time take care…..and pics….



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